Q. How can I request a song?

A. We have a automated request system, you can request any song in our library and it will automatically
play ASAP. There are limits however, you can only make two requests per hour, and ten requests per day.
To request a song click the request link at the top of the page, a new window will open, browse our entire
library and find a song you would like to request and hit the request button! Its that simple!

Q. Was Winamp discontinued?

A. Yes, it has been announced that winamp was discontinued and shut down on December 20th 2013.
However we will be hosting the latest free version of Winamp for PC, as well as the latest version of the Winamp app.
for everyone to download for free. We have both the Winamp Lite and the Winamp Full versions, we recommend the full version although it is up to you to decide which one to use. The Lite version is a smaller stripped down version of the Full version. Just go to our downloads page to find the links to download them.

Q. How do I install the Winamp App?

A. Go to our downloads page, download the Winamp app file to your computer then connect your phone to your pc and transfer the Winamp app file to your phone. Disconnect your phone from your pc and find the app file in your phone and install it, you may need to go into settings and then security setting and check the box to Allow Unknown Sources and that should do it! You may need to enable unknown sources because the phone doesn't know where the file came from, but it is safe and scanned with the latest Avast Anti Virus so no need to worry.

Q. How can I listen to DangeroudDRadio?

A. You can listen multiple ways, on your web browser, through a media player or a mobile device cell phone etc. or even download and install our very own player designed and programmed by Crazy C. To listen on your browser simply click the listen live link at the top of the page or click on the picture of fire.

Q. How can I listen on a media player?

A. You can listen on a media player such as WMP, Real Player, Quicktime, or Winamp,
Simply go to the listen live player and click on the icon of the player you want
to listen on, you can either download the file or run it and the player should open automatically.

Q. Can I listen on internet explorer?

A. Yes you can, but you need to allow popups for the player page to open,
Click Tools: Popup Blocker and allow popups from our website. You May
also need to allow our active X control in order for the player to work correctly
and display the current song.

Q. Can I listen on a cell phone or mobile device?

A. Yes, for most mobile devices you will need to
download the winamp app, then go to the listen live player and click the
winamp icon to open our station in the app. You can get the winamp app from your app store.

Q. How can I listen on the downloadable DDR Player?

A. Your can download the DDR Player on the downloads page, you will need winrar to extract it
and you need Windows XP or higher and .NET Framework 3.5 or higher, download the player
and extract it than install and enjoy! It can be uninstalled by going to add remove programs and
uninstall "DangerousDRadio-Player". Your anti virus might sandbox it because it is from an unknown
author but it is safe to run outside of sandbox.

Q, Can I submit suggestions for music to play, games to play or prizes to give away?

A. Yes, you can submit suggestions in the forum page.
Q. Can I submit site suggestions for improvements to the site?

A. Yes, you can submit suggestions in the forum page.

Q. What is the forum and how do I use it?

A. The forum is a message board page here on DDR,
you can talk to other members on the site or talk to the staff here at DDR.
To use it go to the Forum page and make a free account and you can post anything as long as
is doesn't break the rules. You should read the forum rules before posting anything.

For more help use the support thread in the forum or contact [email protected]

That's all for now, as more questions are commonly asked the FAQ page will be updated...